Question and answer


Want to know the detail of the event?

This event is for children from age 6 to 12. Keisuke Honda will teach how to play soccer, how player thinks during games and practices and scrimmages and more!!

Will Keisuke Honda teaches directly to children?

Yes. Keisuke Honda will be the main coach. There will be many coaches from SOLTILO FAMILIA SOCCER SCHOOL to support the event.

Which languages will be used in the event?

Event in TAIWAN (8nd June), will be progressed in TAIWANESE and Japanese Event in JAKARTA (11nd June), will be progressed in Indonesian and Japanese.

How much is it to participate in the event?

No cost will be necessary to participate in this event. Cost for participant will only be transportation and parking cost.

Is it possible to participate only with children under age?

Yes it is possible. Please understand that we have no responsibility for any trouble caused during the travel to the event. Also parental participation agreement will be necessary.

How can we apply in this event?

You can only apply from our official web site. Application period will be from 11th May 2016 to 22th May(※JST) 2016.

In case of application number passes a limit, how would the participant be chosen?

It will be chosen randomly by drawing after application period ends. Regardless to boys and girls who has played soccer before or not.

How would the participant be noticed after de drawing?

E-mail will be send only to the participants.

Is there a parking area?

Yes. There will be a parking area.

The event will be outdoors?

Yes. Event will be outdoor event.

Is there a shower that can use?

Sorry, there is no shower.

What do we need to prepare to participate in this event?

We have prepared a Jersey for the participant as a presents.
Participant will need to prepare soccer ball,soccer shoes,Pants,socks,innerwear,towel,cloth to change after the event and cloth.

Will the events run even in the rain?

Yes. Event will go on even in the rain. There is a possibility of cancel due to stormy weather.

If we cannot make it to the event, is it allowed to make a substitute to participate in the event?

In any reasons, substitute will not be allowed.

What kind of support will be able in case of emergency of injury and illness?

Medical staff will be stationed at all time during the event. We can offer a first aid treatment.